Constructing Landscape: urban visions

Call for commission work for inclusion in exhibition 

As a collective consciousness, we talk about the landscape of the bush and sea as defining who we are and what makes us Aussies - these visions are everywhere throughout popular cultural modes; it exists even within our national anthem, Advance Australia Fair - 'golden soil and wealth for toil’ and ‘girt by sea'.

But in reality, most Australians live within cities and towns, many not within sight of rolling plains nor glistening seas. Within this exhibition, artists re-imagine the landscape of our ‘now’ and capture the streets, the constructs and built environment; and our relationship with them.

Constructing landscape: urban visions invites a broader exploration of landscape and what that means in contemporary Australia.

Drawn from artists and dealers' collections, the Sunshine Coast Collection, the Sunshine Coast Heritage Collection and Heritage Photographic Library, the Sunshine Coast University Collection, the Griffith University Collection as well as new works commissioned specifically for the exhibition, these works re-imagine the landscape both celebratory and condemning.

To this, Caloundra Regional Gallery invites applications from artists to be considered to commission new works.

Specifically, the gallery will commission individual works by local artists on a provided ‘witches’ hat (Barrier Group Traffic Cone).

The work/s are then exhibited as part of Constructing Landscape: urban visions, 1 May to 21 June, and can be available for sale or returned to the artist on completion of the show.

Selection criteria to think about:

  • Exposing a different interpretation of urban surrounds where most Australians reside.
  • Highlighting that within this vision, lies a different type of beauty, harsher, bolder, louder, energised and invigorating as well as contained, encased and smothering.
  • How we survive within the constructed fabric of cities and towns; subdivisions and suburbs.

Expressions of interest should include:

  • General concept
  • Artist CV
  • Three images of previous works.

Expressions of Interest close 21 February.

For further information contact:
Jo Duke
Manager & Curator
Caloundra Regional Gallery