Featured Artist : Sharka Bosakova

Czech Repulic born Sharka Bosakova merges European classic influences with the outdoor relaxed lifestyle of Australia to create striking and multiadaptive wearable works. With formal education in theatre costume and set design and experience as a fashion designer, Sharka blurs lines between tactile sculptural objects and wearable jewellery pieces.

“An important part of my creative process is the search for expression from materials, the contextual relationship. I strive to merge the industrial need for function and kinetic elements with the inspiration of natural forms and the Australian landscape.”

“Transforming small objects into a brooch, pendant, neckpiece, wristband even a set of earrings, allows the wearer to tell their own story.” Part of the multi-purpose approach is to see people “carry less to create more.”

“Creating objects as a form of communication, connecting with other people, places and art forms, opening a dialogue. I believe objects – touch – body – experience and visual storytelling are able to transcend languages.”

All her lightweight pieces are made from sustainable and bio-degradable corn starch filament. 

Find out more about Sharka on her Instagram, or her website.

Location Date and Time 
Caloundra Regional Gallery  8 December to 29 January 

Store available during open hours