Artist Interview: Jake Moss

Here is what Jake has to say: My dad used to be a Police Officer. My mum used to manage a brothel. I used to be an altar boy. I have six sisters and four brothers. I spent thirteen years of my childhood in housing commission in Woodridge. etc etc etc blah blah blah.

Here is what Jo Duke, Gallery Director has to say: Since 2015 Jake has had five solo art exhibitions, released seven books, created an entire magazine, written/directed two plays, been artist-in-residence at a stand-up comedy club in New York, taken part in an international art residency in Europe (as a visual artist), just to name a few of the things this talented artist has been involved in. His projects deal with youth - the experience of being a young person and it is this mindset and approach that he believes allows him, as an artist to successfully and consistently engage with a younger audience, regardless of the media he is working in film, writing a book, poetry reading or art exhibitions.

Grab a bevy and a seat and have a listen to Jake chat about his work, where he has been and his thoughts on lots of other things.

Jake's work will feature in a Gallery exhibition, Constructing Landscapes: urban visions; an exhibition re imaging the landscapes of our now; capturing the streets, the constructs and built environments where most reside; and our relationship with the same.

Constructing Landscapes: urban visions exhibition dates: 11 December 2020 to 7 February 2021.

Jake Moss Interview

[Length: 14 minutes 43 seconds]

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