Spencer Hitchen

Local Artist Local Content Student Award 2021 – Finalist 


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Spencer Hitchen | Save My Trees Please (a female Glossy Black-Cockatoo) | 2020 | pencil | A3 | 

Home School | Age 10

Hi my name is Spencer, I love nature. I love drawing and photographing nature. I believe if you protect birds then you will protect all other animals and the environment. I help count and keep an eye on our local Glossy Black-Cockatoos. I want everybody to learn about them and protect them and their habitat.

In my local areas the Glossies feed trees are going to be destroyed for a development. I’m really worried about how they will survive if we keep chopping down the trees they need. I don’t want this to happen. This female Glossy Black-Cockatoo looked into my eyes and asked me to help save the trees. So please help the Glossies and save their trees. Thank you.