Hana-lena Jenkin

Local Artist Local Content Student Award 2021 – Finalist 


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Hana-lena Jenkin | Whale Diver | 2020 | pencil | A3

Matthew Flinders Anglican College | Age 16

Every year from June to November roughly 30000 whales make the 10000km journey from Antarctica up the eastern coast of Australia, past the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast to the warmer northern waters to give birth to their calves in the sheltered waters of Queensland coastline. These graceful creatures become a breathtaking part of our environment which is why I believe it is so important to protect and shelter these magnificent mammals and raise awareness for their endangerment concerning whaling. However I mainly concentrated on connecting whales with humans which is evident with the similar cool blue colour scheme, and watercolour textures and tones of the whale and diver. The aim of the artwork is to amaze the viewer on the detailed pencil work and blending of colours, and to persuade the viewer to perceive a deeper understanding for these mysterious gentle giants.