Natasha Beutel

Local Artist Local Content Student Award 2021 – Finalist 


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Natasha Beutel | Matthew Flinders Magazine Cover | 2020 | pen | A3

Matthew Flinders Anglican College | Age 16

Due to Matthew Flinders Anglican College celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, I endeavoured to find a fun way to celebrate all the unique opportunities, subjects, history and core values found at Flinders. The idea of ‘the grid’ was the perfect way for me to express multiple aspects of Flinders life, all in the one drawing. While some squares are simply for aesthetics, most have symbolic meanings to the school, and the weird and whacky year of 2020. I wanted my GIF  animation to bring my monochromatic work to life, with bright colours and fun patterns popping up in a randomised order to represent how this year has not gone to plan (due to the pandemic), however, Flinders as a school has come together and grown significantly.