Public art spotlight

Emergence by Simone Eisler and Russell Anderson. Location: Caloundra

Inspired by nature, and created using innovative technologies, Emergence and is one of Caloundra’s newest Public Artworks.

The result of a collaboration between Sunshine Coast based sculptor and visual artist Simone Eisler and kinetic artist, designer and maker Russell Anderson, this collection of small works draws you through the landscape in Caloundra’s CBD and down to the waterfront along Bulcock Beach.

The artists met around 20 years ago, but this collaboration is the first public artwork they have collaborated on together.

To create Emergence, artist Russell used a virtual reality headset and graphic imaging programs to create the forms, inspired by images that had been hand-drawn by Simone. The forms were then printed in stainless steel using 3D printing technology and then polished by hand before being installed.

Emergence consists of multiple, small-scale elements inspired by ocean life with each piece providing a discovery moment as they emerge out from unexpected spaces with bespoke lighting within some of the pieces, bringing a twinkle to the night streetscape, as they respond to the weather through digital technologies.

The artwork located along Minchinton Street and down towards The Esplanade boardwalk, which features a fun and playful interactive lighting element that responds to movement, delighting anyone who walks by. 

Emergence is a wonderful addition to the urban streetscape. Its creation provided a unique opportunity for two very talented Sunshine Coast based artists to bring joy to the community, while also having the opportunity to work and live sustainably in our beautiful region.