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Drawing Gestural Portraits with Robyn Shaw

A fun two-hour drawing workshop to refine your portraiture drawing skills. With the aid of a live model, participants will draw gestural portraits using visualisation and imagination.

This workshop uses visualisation and imagination to enhance drawing skills - in this instance: portraits. Using a model, we will begin with gesture drawing to become familiar with the different expressions and features from all angles. There will then be a series of exercises carried out, calling on past experiences to assist in observing and constructing the portraiture. These hands-on exercises are aimed at training the participant to do more than copy what is in front of them, rather to observe and construct the subject through visualisation and imagination as well.  Participants will be encouraged to use the exercises as part of a routine in their own art practice.

Location Date and Time Cost Registration
Caloundra Regional Gallery Friday 19 July,
$25 Fully booked

Registration essential. Complimentary light refreshments available.

Bring a desktop easel and A2 size backing board if you have one. All drawing materials are supplied. 

Robyn Shaw grew up in Caloundra, this has left its mark on her. Shaw’s father was a photographer who instilled in her a love of the aesthetic. Shaw pursued this love throughout her life – studying drawing and painting and participating in group exhibitions in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Movement and gesture in artwork are of the utmost importance, whether drawing/painting the figure or the isolation of a coastal landscape. Shaw attained her BA in Fine Arts and Visual Culture in 2014 and completed BA Honours (Humanities) in 2018.  

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