Super Souvenir Stories of the Sunny Coast

Souvenir collectors! – is your souvenir a work of art - or just something that sits in the bottom draw that you can't bear to throw out? We want to hear your stories! We are inviting souvenir enthusiasts to BYO Sunshine Coast souvenirs and meet the Artists and Curators, Byron Coathup and Virginia Rigney of the Super Souvenir project.

The project is looking for keepsake treasures to loan for Super Souvenir’s micro-museum display Sunshine Gold, which will be exhibited at Tickle Park in a repurposed caravan during Horizon Festival in dialogue with the work of contemporary artists. The project also wants to hear what your souvenir means to you - and capture your stories for the podcast.

Super Souvenir is mobile-hybrid contemporary arts and culture space staged in a repurposed 1978 Viscount caravan which explores the concept of place through the lens of a souvenir.

Location  Date and Time Registration
Caloundra Regional Gallery Saturday 28 July, 11.00 am - 1.00 pm

Free. Registration essential. Includes tea and coffee.