Anna Carey

You can bring your fantasies to earth | 2022 | giclee print | 88 x 100cm

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2023 - Finalist

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Anna Carey | You can bring your fantasies to earth | 2022 | giclee print | 88 x 100cm

Artist Statement

You can bring your fantasies to earth is a work from the series Madam Mystery which is a suite of photographs based on fictive psychic shop fronts. The series continues my process of constructing fictional miniature models and photographing them create an imaginary space for the viewer. Created in the pandemic; an unprecedented time of existential concern the work reminds us that the future is unknown and looks at the ways that people try to make sense of reality, chaos, restriction, the future and things unseen. The billboard-style neon idiomatic text image is vested in aphorisms yet still opens up questions and offers the viewer the freedom to imagine. In addition, the idea of escapism is heightened by inserting my own real life phone number into the signage inviting viewers to escape and creates a sense of play and connection in times of isolation. These celestial yet terrestrial works aims to offer a place where reality and the imagination can co-exist and create psychic balance.

Represented galleries are Sophie Gannon gallery and Artereal Gallery.

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