Image supplied courtesy of the artist. Photographer: Samuel Hartnett.
Face Time with Laith McGregor

Drawing and Painting - Made by Hand - Sunshine Coast Art Prize Workshop

Guided by Laith McGregor, examine facial features, create quick studies then draw/paint a self-portrait which you will later deconstruct by drawing, erasing or graffiti.

The line is used to map, express and converse, it is an immediate action that bridges consciousness. It is central to drawing and painting and the focus of this workshop. The line as a symbolic gesture dates back to our primitive origins and has filtered into the fabric of everyday life. A primal instinct, the line is used to map, guide, express and converse, it is an immediate action that bridges consciousness. The day will be divided into two components, the first will consist of a detailed study of the face. We will start by examining facial features and details such as contour, shape, form, expression and notions of the self. Following some quick facial studies we will draw/paint a self-portrait with the intention of creating a finished artwork. After a break we will proceed to deconstruct the drawing, by erasing, graffiti, drawing over and expressing subconscious thought while using the portrait as a subject for contemplation and further perception. Let's be brave, let's go beyond our idea of what a portrait can be! 

Location Date and Time Cost  Registration 
Caloundra Regional Gallery
Monday 26 August, 10.00am-3.30pm
$86 Register

Registration essential. Complimentary tea/coffee provided. Bring your own lunch.

Materials to bring

  • Wear or bring an art shirt or apron.
  • Medium sized canvas
  • HB and 2B pencils
  • Eraser and sharpener
  • Acrylic Paints (selection of preferred colours)
  • Paint brushes (small, medium and large)
  • Small mixing bowl
  • Mirror or photo of yourself

Laith McGregor has exhibited widely throughout Australia and overseas, most recently in public institutions, commercial galleries and artist run spaces including: Museum of Contemporary Art (NSW), GOMA (QLD), MONA (TAS), The National Gallery of Victoria (VIC), Heide Museum of Art (VIC), Institute of Modern Art (QLD), The Art Gallery of South Australia (SA), University of Queensland Art Museum (QLD), Caloundra Regional Museum (QLD), City Gallery Wellington (NZ), and Westspace (VIC) & TCB (VIC).

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