Image supplied courtesy of the artist. Nicole Veovodin-Cash, Water Daisies.
LANDscanning: Digital Frottage Workshop with Nicole Voevodin-Cash

Made by hand workshop

An extraordinary workshop experience with Nicole Voevodin-Cash. LandScans / digital frottage physically explores and documents in the world around us. Workshop participants will scan a number the surfaces with a hand-held scanning tool as an extension of their self, touching surfaces and visually recording what they find visually/texturally interesting/intriguing. Captured images will be revealed on their computer. These images can be brought together through any editing software (Photoshop, etc) to form a larger image in the creation of recorded memories of place, self and landscape. This is not photography yet it has a photographic/photocopied quality so very much digital imagery. Participants can use these as backdrops to paint/draw collage into them in later projects.

Nicole Voevodin-Cash is a kinetic generative artist/sculptor - who uses walking, drawing and digital tools to make her work - based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She presents her work across various gallery, public and social spaces. These presentations range in scale, medium and ephemerality. She holds a Master in Arts, Visual Arts, Griffith University with distinction for her thesis works of investigation of interaction as a sculptural strategy.

Location Date and Time Cost Registration
Caloundra Regional Gallery

Saturday 22 February, 10.30am - 1.30pm

$50 Register

Beginner to intermediate computer skill level required. Registration essential. Complimentary tea/coffee.

Materials list

  • Laptop computer
  • Imagination

All other materials will be supplied.


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