children visiting the Gallery
Education Booking Request
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jan 2021

Schools and community organisations can book guided tours and visits to the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

Booking request form only – pending confirmation by the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

  • Please make one booking per form
  • Your booking will be confirmed via return email
  • Invoices for programs will be sent via post
  • Guided tours cannot be given without prior booking and confirmation
  • A minimum of 2 weeks notice/request is required for education program tours and activities.
School/TAFE/University name:
Contact name:
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Preferred contact time:
Self guided visit only (free)
Education program (please specify the format below)
Art Detective tour (K - 7, 1 hour) (free)
Art Detective tour plus hands-on art activity (K - 7, 1.5 hrs) (free or small fee dependent upon activity)
Art workshop (K - 12, 2 hours) (fee applicable)
Discussion tour (Grade 8 - 12, 1 hour) (free)
Talk/lecture (Tertiary) (fee applicable)
Program Topic:
Specify details of study subject, curriculum or focus.
Provide two alternative dates and times in case your first preference is not available.
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