Digital Disruption

An interactive showcase of new media, design innovation and future thinking 30 January to 15 March 2015

Digital Disruption
Mic Black Pixel Mosaic

To kick off the launch of the Inaugural Sunshine Coast New Media Award Exhibition, the gallery opens its doors for an interactive showcase of new media, design innovation and future thinking.

Featuring a six-legged electric walking machine that blows bubbles, absurd and whimsical machines and the Pixel Mosaic life-sized interactive artwork of colour and light, these incredible works will inspire and delight! Future thinking inventions sit with rapid prototyping, growing architectural forms, whilst projections tap realms of art, science and nature to offer altered perceptions and states of being.

The exhibition offers workshops, forums, seminars and on the ground discussions as we interact with and get a chance to participate and learn in this experiential showcase.

Here is a chance to meet the makers, movers and shakers helping to shape the future.

Sunshine Coast New Media Art Prize finalists:

  • Susan Bohmer
  • Jessica and Matthew Doak
  • Lauren Edmonds
  • Conrad Gracie
  • Isabella Summerfield
  • Brayden Van Meurs

Digital Disruption participating artists:

  • Russell Anderson
  • BarkLab (Lindy Aitkin and Stephen Guthrie)
  • Judy Barrass
  • Mic Black
  • John Burke
  • Manning Daly
  • Beau Deeley
  • Chris Denaro
  • James Muller
  • Michel Tuffery
  • John Waldron
LocationDates and Times
Caloundra Regional GalleryFriday 30 January to Sunday 15 March 2015