Makers space at home

Download templates, watch videos and create your own at home makers space

Makers space at home

Dystopia/Utopia: 2070 is an artisan touring exhibition where artists depict possible scenarios in a range of different environments.

A dystopian world is a futuristic, unfair and imaginary world, where there is lots of suffering and destruction. People are sick, hungry and the environment is in complete ruin and chaos. A utopian futuristic world is the total opposite of dystopian. It is a perfect world where people work well together with the environment to ensure there is enough left over for future generations.

This online art activity is called ‘FUTURE HEAD SPACE’. It focuses on the different imaginary worlds of the future – Dystopia and Utopia.

Download the templates and watch the video to create your own dystopia and utopia wall-hangings at home.

[Length: 12 minutes, 45 seconds]

Suitable for adults and children aged 5+

Templates and resources

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