Council backs community’s vision for beloved beachfront


Two distinct designs were presented for a foreshore rejuvenation with one attracting overwhelming support.

Community engagement began in April 2022 to help guide the next stage of the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation – the Central Meeting Place – which encompasses the Loo with a View.

Recently the community shared their thoughts on two design concepts, referred to as Concept Yellow and Concept Blue via council’s survey page.

At the historic first Ordinary Meeting at the new Sunshine Coast City Hall (January 25) councillors considered the community’s preferred option feedback.

They were presented with engineering reports and state authority advice before voting on – and endorsing - Concept Blue as the final design.

The Stage Two Central Meeting Place will now proceed with detailed design - amending the previously adopted Place Making Mooloolaba Master Plan endorsed in 2015.

The project involves addressing the existing Loo with a View, its aged state and accessibility issues – while still maintaining public amenities in the same location.

Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor Peter Cox said that if we were to achieve a more active, sustainable, and accessible region - we must first design it.

“Feedback received from more than 1300 surveys and conversations with the community and stakeholder groups showed a clear preference,” Cr Cox said.

“Three quarters of respondents chose Concept Blue as their overall preferred design.

“Many expressed that Concept Blue feels open, contemporary, and consistent with the green natural landscape we love most about Mooloolaba.

“The community was eager to maintain the new character, aesthetic and quality established in the Northern Parkland.’

“As well as the layout and architectural style of Concept Blue, there was a clear preference for improved inclusion and accessibility with 69 per cent wanting public toilets and showers on the same level as the Mooloolaba Esplanade.

“Of the respondents, 73 per cent want an open-plan design allowing for more beachfront parkland, and 75 per cent want to separate the meeting and event area from the toilet block with a new, open-sided shade canopy that flows onto a large, grassed area.”

“Ensuring high quality community spaces is a top priority for our future,” Cr Cox said.

“We understand the vital contribution our urban places make to our healthy community, social inclusion, economic performance, and environmental safeguarding”.   

“The Northern Parkland has provided a great boost to nearby businesses in Mooloolaba, and I have no doubt the next stage of the foreshore’s revitalisation will do the same.”  

The Central Meeting Place encompasses 6500 square metres of beachfront parkland near the Brisbane Road entry point to Mooloolaba Esplanade. It is intended to be a place where our community can arrive, meet, gather, celebrate, and connect with nature and each other.

Funding and construction timelines for the next stage of the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation are yet to be determined and council will continue to keep the community informed.

For details on the Mooloolaba Foreshore Revitalisation or to register for project updates including future community engagement, visit


  • This reimagines Mooloolaba’s beachfront arrival experience and celebrates the beach and natural beauty as the hero of the foreshore.
  • An open-sided, shade canopy inspired by nature, creates a new meeting place and event space, which flows onto a large, grassed area.
  • This open-plan design allows for increased beachfront parkland with new viewing decks, grassed areas and terraced seating.
  • Fully accessible public amenities, with Changing Places* facilities and family change rooms, are located on the same level as Mooloolaba Esplanade for direct and easy access from the coastal pathway.
  • The public amenities are housed in ‘pods’ in the same architectural style as Stage One Northern Parkland.