How we found Fred a new home

Fred the koala was happy to be back out in the wild at Doonan Creek Environment Reserve, after being nursed back to health by Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

How we found Fred a new home

Fred the koala was spotted by a Noosa and District Landcare staff member at Doonan Creek Environment Reserve, Verrierdale, in December looking unwell.

He was rescued by the Noosa & Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue Team (Wildcare Australia) and taken to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital.

Four-year-old Fred had Chlamydiosis and was nursed back to health thanks to the hospital's expert care.

Returning Fred to the wild

He was returned to Doonan Creek Environment Reserve where the rescuers – Wildcare Australia – picked the perfect tree for him to be released into.

Fred shot right to the top of a 20m Tallowwood in about six seconds and started eating and scanning the area – seemingly very happy to be back out in the wild.

Learn more about Doonan Creek Environment Reserve

Doonan Creek Environment Reserve was purchased thanks to Environment Levy funding in 2013, and since then Sunshine Coast Council has set about restoring it.

The reserve provides an essential home and food for local wildlife like koalas, glossy black-cockatoos and grey-headed flying foxes.

It’s a special place and an important coastal habitat area with vegetation that ranges from iconic coastal heath, scribbly gum forest to melaleuca wetlands.

It’s home to more than 125 different bird and 16 different mammal species and vulnerable wallum froglet – and Fred the koala.

Our community has helped Council restore the reserve for many years, and between 2013 and 2023, has planted almost 23,000 native trees, shrubs and ground covers at events such as National Tree Day.

Many more trees have also been planted as offsets to compensate for unavoidable development elsewhere in the region.

Doonan Creek Environment Reserve is located at 219 Doonan Bridge Rd, Verrierdale. You can learn more about this beautiful reserve at

Report koala sightings

If you see a wild koala near you, report it using the free QWildlife app for iOS and Android.

Android –

iOS -

Reporting sightings of koalas helps to plan conservation actions.

If you find sick or injured wildlife, call 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

How to help koalas

  • drive carefully and look out for koalas crossing roads from dawn until dusk
  • contain your dog at night and provide them with wildlife avoidance skills to protect koalas
  • contact your nearest wildlife rescue or 1300 ANIMAL for QLD if you come across a sick or injured koala
  • consider koala-friendly fencing options. If you have a fence that may prevent koalas from accessing safe habitat, consider adding a simple escape route such as a timber post positioned at an angle to the fence. This allows koalas to climb over the fence and escape danger.
  • make your pool koala-safe by ensuring you have safe escape options such as a rope in the pool.

Learn more about Council's Koala Conservation Plan at

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