Chris Howlett - 3D Winner

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 3D 2013 - Winner


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Chris Howlett | Actor 1 (Icecream Coles Polygon) - Edition 1/3, 2AP| 2013 | polyurethane, epoxy resin, pigment and lacquer | 8 x 49 x 49 cm

Artist Statement

Presently, my art practice utilizes interactive video, performance and sound art, site-specific sculpture, machinima, and painting to explore a number of fundamental questions around the way in which new technologies shift cultural and political understandings of our physical and psychological selves. Through combining 3D game play with interactive game mods, video projections, sound works and site-specific installations, my works activate an immersive space from which to critically and creatively consider how reality and simulated environments both construct and reconfigure our ideas about the nature of identity.

By doing this, my work asks us to reflect on how we function as a society in response to these new spaces of interaction, how we might respond to the political dimensions of these expanded sites of inhabitation, and how they might also represent a more troubling scenario for the possibility of dissent or opposition in our media saturated culture.