Outskirts, Along the Line, Hinterland

Six women over six weeks of three exhibitions exploring themes across three different artist collectives. 2 March to 10 April 2016

Outskirts, Along the Line, Hinterland
Margaret Ellen Turner, #632 (detail), 2015, acrylic on canvas, 66 cm x 52 cm

Three exhibitions representing six women across three different artist collectives and exploring concepts of conversations, connection and location. These stunning exhibitions offer the viewer a suite of artistic mediums personifying creative excellence and artistic innovation.


Robyn Shaw, Diane Hunter Robertson, Margaret Ellen Turner

Connected through intense conversations about art and the isolation of being on the periphery of the various typical art scenes, Outskirts brings together three painters who connect as equals and share a serious commitment to the practice of art making. Whilst their work does not share a similar visual connection, they share a similar sense of wry humour and irreverence, a willingness to take risks with what they say and think to build on each other’s ideas and to define who they want to be as artists and people in the world.

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Along the Line

Gabi Timm and Susan Coburn

Soaring ridgelines, distant horizons across scorched land and exposed plains, as well as the deep marks made in the earth by nature and man - tell the story of time, place and motif which for them evokes the essence of the vast and differing Australian landscape. The connection between these two artists and the synchronicity of purpose in their work  has prompted this collaboration  in a variety of media in which the "surface" and  “the LINE” has a strong philosophical and physical meaning for both of them.

The Hinterland

Ana Paula Estrada

The third series developed on the Sunshine Coast by photographic practitioner Ana Paula Estrada, The Hinterland captures hauntingly beautiful portraits of some of the exceptional people who have dedicated their lives to farming in this productive region, the landscapes that they live and work in, and the ‘imperfect’ beauty of the produce that they harvest, whilst reminding us of the tenuous nature of this industry.

LocationDates and Times
Caloundra Regional GalleryWednesday 2 March to Sunday 10 April 2016