Discover Montville's new public art trail

The mushrooms grew fingers and escaped! Can you find them?

Discover Montville's new public art trail

Local artist and story-teller Finn Cossar has created a quirky new public art trail, which encourages visitors to discover seven ‘Monts’ which you’ll find dotted around the streets of the quaint Hinterland Town.

Finn explains that The Mont creature had its humble beginnings as a ground-growing mushroom, thriving throughout Russel Family Park and the forests of Montville.

“After many years of the mushroom being eaten by the diverse wildlife and attacked by the night hunting birdlife The Mont began to rapidly evolve,” Mr Cossar said.

“It grew fingerlink appendages and joints that could bend. One night the very first Mont of Montville sprung out of the ground and ran out of the forests onto the streets of Montville, where the timid wildlife would not dare to follow.”

Finn suggests if visitors see a Mont on the streets today, give it a pat and take a photo with it because it might just run away by tomorrow.

The small scale public art initiative is part of the ongoing Montville Streetscape Beautification levy program. 

This article Discover Montville's new public art trail has been supplied from the OurSC website and has been published here with permission.