Michael Cook | Stickman #6 (detail) | 2010 | Inkjet print | 40 x 100 cm. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, 2016 Sunshine Coast Art Collection.
Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation

Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation will promote and advance arts and culture across the region.

Arts Foundation

At the August 2018 Ordinary Meeting, council endorsed the establishment of an independent Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation that will be closely aligned to the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

The foundation’s main objectives are to:

  • develop a regional culture of philanthropy by encouraging donations, gifts, bequests, endowments etc. for the public charitable purposes of promoting and advancing arts and culture (all art forms) across the Sunshine Coast, and
  • provide financial and in-kind support via a range of mechanisms to organisations, groups and individuals with the aim of achieving arts outcomes that benefit this region.

Council will provide establishment funding to the foundation via a three-year sponsorship agreement. It is anticipated that from the fourth year onwards, the foundation will be self-funding.

Council’s decision to provide seed funding for a philanthropic approach to supporting the arts will provide a mechanism for donors, supporters, investors and patrons of the arts to develop the arts and the arts sector across the Sunshine Coast.

The foundation will not be run or managed by council. It will be totally independent and council will remain a founding member of the foundation only, in line with the foundation’s constitution.

It is important to note that the foundation’s role is not to set strategy or direction for the arts in the region or involve itself in arts related operational matters which are the responsibility of council. Nor will it take on the role of the Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board, which will remain council’s expert advisor as it relates to arts strategy and how it achieves agreed arts and cultural outcomes for the region.

The establishment of the foundation, including recruitment of members will occur over the coming months.

Get involved

If you are interested in hearing more, or staying abreast of the foundation’s establishment, register your interest

You can find further information on the Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation, as endorsed by council, in the council report on the Sunshine Coast Council website.

Why an Arts Foundation?

Australians love sport. Each year, 43% of us attend at least one sporting event, such as a football match.

However, twice as many Australians – 86% – visit a cultural event or facility annually. These Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate members of the community spend more time in museums, galleries, cinemas and other places of culture than they do cheering in grandstands.

In 2015-16, corporate philanthropy gave $17.5 billion, while 14.9 million Australians gave $12.5 billion, to charities and not-for-profit organisations including arts and cultural organisations.

The Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board, and Sunshine Coast Council support the establishment of the Sunshine Coast Arts Foundation to promote and advance arts and culture across our region. The objectives of the foundation, outlined below, describe how the foundation will achieve this. 


  • For the public charitable purposes of promoting and advancing arts and culture, provide financial and other in-kind support to the Caloundra Regional Gallery and art and culture generally across the Sunshine Coast
  • To steward and service donor relationships including marketing and communication, programming of fundraising and PR events
  • To accept donations, gifts, bequests, endowments, trusts and other forms of financial contribution
  • To promote and advocate for a culture of giving and philanthropy in the region
  • To provide financial support to the Caloundra Regional Gallery to acquire, maintain and preserve artworks or objects of cultural interest
  • To fund special projects involving plant and equipment, land or buildings / facilities in furtherance of the Foundations purposes
  • To run and / or fund exhibitions, educational programs, research projects, events, prizes and special programs
 Marketing and PR
  • To garner and maintain community support and interaction and to disseminate information including the production of publications / collateral
  • To attract and encourage donations, gifts, bequests, endowments, trusts and other forms of financial assistance
 Capacity Building
  • To support professional development
  • To consider the provision of grants, scholarships, fellowships
  • To support visiting national / international experts, artists, teachers
  • To support individual artist bursaries and arts projects / residencies
  • To provide art education, mentorship and support