Arts Advisory Board

The Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board will provide a strategic approach to grow the arts sector

Photo credit: Barry Alsop of Eyes Wide Open.

The Sunshine Coast Arts Advisory Board, endorsed by Sunshine Coast Council in February 2016, will provide advice and direction for the council to consider as it develops a strategic blueprint to grow the region’s investment in the arts.

Role of the board

The board’s role is to:

  • guide, promote and help build the identity of the Sunshine Coast as an arts destination for tourism and industry
  • advocate the region’s advantages to secure new investment in arts and cultural infrastructure
  • provide strategic advice to Council in relation to arts and cultural facilities and infrastructure
  • provide advice on strategic direction of wider cultural policy and strategy
  • provide opportunities to develop philanthropic activity in relation to the regional arts offer.

Board members

The members of the board have a diverse range of skills, expertise and creative insight in strategic planning and the development of cultural policy.

The first priority for the board is to develop a framework for the development of a strategic, 20 year Regional Arts and Cultural Plan including a vision for the region’s cultural future.

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