Matthew de Moiser - Winner

Servo (state 3) | 2014 | Laminex on board | 60 x 60 x 2 cm

Matthew de Moiser - Winner

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2014 – Winner

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Matthew de Moiser | Servo (state 3) | 2014 | Laminex on board | 60 x 60 x 2 cm

Artist Statement

Things are not necessarily as they first seem in Matthew de Moiser’s sparse suburban landscapes. Although they look like paintings, these meticulous works are actually assemblages made from Laminex – a thin plastic veneer used to conceal and protect. Whilst this conceit is deliberate and metaphoric, the laminate also has an ethereal quality that has a way of transforming ordinary service stations, houses and freeway overpasses into acid trip impressions of the Australian suburban condition. Like his earlier abstract sculptural works made from Ikea furniture parts, the laminate paintings (as de Moiser calls them) are an escape – a yearning for the sublime in the most unlikely of everyday places.