Prudence Flint - Highly Commended

Doll | 2013 | oil on linen | 122 x 102 cm

Prudence Flint - Highly Commended

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2014 – Highly Commended

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Prudence Flint | Doll | 2013 | oil on linen | 122 x 102 cm

Artist Statement

My father died last year and I found myself retrieving my childhood dolls from a cupboard at my mother’s house. They were lying around in my studio on a table in the window light. I resisted the urge to paint them for some time. When I did I promised myself not to get carried away and romanticise their murky presence. I enjoyed painting the synthetic hair, the plastic skin, the child faces and the shabby dresses falling over the stiff limbs.