Restoring Montville's Boomerang Seat: A community endeavour

In the heart of Montville, a timeless piece of local history was in need of a helping hand. A community came together to restore a local icon to it's former glory.

Restoring Montville's Boomerang Seat: A community endeavour
The newly refurbished Montville Boomerang Seat fully restored and installed.

In the heart of Montville, a timeless piece of local history was in need of a helping hand. The Boomerang Seat, a symbolic creation dating back to 1999, recently underwent a transformative restoration project that not only revitalised the weathered structure but also exemplified the spirit of community collaboration. 

Crafted by the talented hands of Raby Bay Sculptors in 1999, the Boomerang Seat held a special place in Montville's streetscape. Its design, featuring a boomerang motif, pays homage to the Aborigines who frequented the area for the Bunya Festival—a celebration of connection and return to a cherished place.

However, the passage of time, coupled with the relentless forces of weather, had taken a toll on the once-sturdy structure. Exposure to sun, rain, and humidity left the timber components deteriorated, despite periodic attempts at preservation with timber decking oil. Recognising the need for intervention, the Council's Collections team embarked on a mission to restore the Boomerang Seat to its former glory. 

Enter Melanie Fihelly, a local art conservator enlisted by the Council to oversee the conservation of the sandstone components affected by the humid climate. Meanwhile, the unstable timber frame caught the attention of the Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild, affectionately known as “Woodies”. 

In a beautiful display of community goodwill, Woodies stepped forward to offer their expertise and assistance. After thoughtful discussions among their members, the guild generously agreed to undertake the complete rebuilding of the timber seat, graciously providing their services in-kind. The chosen timber, tallowwood, was not only aesthetically pleasing but also treated to withstand the harsh exposure to sun and rain. 

The collaboration between the Council, Melanie Fihelly, and Woodies became the driving force behind the Boomerang Seat's resurrection. This restoration project, fuelled by the shared passion for preserving local heritage, became a symbol of Montville's commitment to community pride. 

The Boomerang Seat now stands proudly, its renewed vigour a testament to the dedication of those who rallied to its aid. As locals and visitors alike take a seat on this iconic bench, they are not just witnessing a beautifully restored piece of art; they are connecting with the generosity and spirit of Montville's local community. 

In a town where history meets hospitality, the Boomerang Seat serves as a reminder that, through collective efforts, communities can overcome challenges and create lasting legacies. Montville's Boomerang Seat is not just a bench; it is a seat of unity, resilience, and a vital symbol of community.