31 Dasha Riley

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016 – Finalist


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Dasha Riley | Dancer in Blue | 2016 | digital photograph | 140 x 74.7 x 0.45 cm

Artist Statement

The content of my images is based on personal dreams and visions, with narratives touching on themes of European heritage, solitude, the otherworldly, and awareness of our connection to spirit.

The main protagonist in my work is my daughter Julia - then again I see my images as self-portraits, responding to my childhood dreams and memories, and inviting others to experience and revive their personal associations with this powerful period in our lives.

Underwater portraiture engenders an innate gracefulness and awareness of our natural state. The way the fabric, water and light interacted in this image is reminiscent of the playfulness of Edgar Degas’ dancers.