21 Charlotte Haywood

CROWNED COCKATROSE | 2015 | textiles | 140 x 91 x 5 cm 

21 Charlotte Haywood

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016 – Finalist

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Charlotte Haywood | CROWNED COCKATROSE | 2015 | textiles - army issued wool blankets, silk, urban camo, desert camo, Auscam, shoelaces, cotton, institutional sheets, polar fleece, lycra, steel rod | 140 x 91 x 5 cm

Artist Statement

Charlotte Haywood has a multi-disciplinary approach that centres on explorations of tensions between nature and culture, and pop and the primordial. Haywood demonstrates a sensibility for connections between the traditional and the modern, exploring cross-cultural pollination. Her work examines various forms of communication; technology, symbol, language, song and gestures of the body.

Here in CROWNED COCKATROSE, the Crowned Rose of Britain, the cardinal points of navigation, the naturalised poplar tree, and an ancient mythological beast that would die instantly if it looked itself in the mirror are embodied within the work. Haywood interrogates Australian history in hope of a shared history using symbols in the landscape as metaphor.