26 Laith McGregor

Ebb & Flow | 2016 | ink & pencil on paper (framed with 4 panels) | 137 cm x 114 cm x 3.5 cm 

26 Laith McGregor

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016 – Finalist

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Laith McGregor | Ebb & Flow | 2016 | ink & pencil on paper (framed with 4 panels) | 137 x 114  x 3.5 cm

Artist Statement

Fiction is an underlying basis in my method of relating ideas and applications. By drawing on and highlighting the treatment of fiction, I’m able to convey thoughts on the conscious/unconscious and the grey area in-between. The continual slippage between the two realities form a coherent narrative, which is not only subjective but simultaneously objective, where one persons idea of the work in question can be as important as the next and in my opinion, as important as my own reflection of the work. I invite the audience to delve into my inner thoughts as I completed the self portrait. Notes, ideas, ramblings are recorded and surround the portrait to give the viewer an insight into the artists mind.