37 Cyrus Tang – Highly Commended

7403.00s | 2016 | archival giclee print | 90 x 90 cm

37 Cyrus Tang – Highly Commended

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016 – Highly Commended

[Image courtesy of the artist]

Cyrus Tang | 7403.00s | 2016 | archival giclee print | 90 x 90 cm

Artist Statement

I seek to portray absence as a presence, to reconstruct ephemeral mental states and sensations in permanent images. I am moved by the collateral damage of man-made wars like the current Syrian War that has given rise to mass migration and homelessness, as well as catastrophic natural disasters, such as the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. In this photographic series, I make models of a city that I then destroy by drowning over and over again as if by earthquake, war or tsunami. I document the process of city from presence to absence by using long exposure technique. Each photographs titled by the long exposure time of a city collapsed into nothing.