35 Tania Smith

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2016 – Finalist


[Image courtesy of the artist]

Tania Smith | Untitled (home) #3 | 2015 | pigment print on archival paper | 95 x 125 x 5 cm

Artist Statement

The Untitled (home) series was developed in early 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand at the Poh Chang Academy of the Arts. The academy is a large, formal building, surrounded by a network of temporary tarpaulin housing used by construction workers and cleaning staff at the academy. I wanted to honour this hard-working material and I embellished it with sequins as a gesture of my respect. The performances wearing the tarpaulin costume were intended to foreground this material that exists only to support buildings, or people. 

This work was made possible with kind thanks to all the workers, academic staff and students of Poh Chang Academy of the Arts, Bangkok, Thailand.