Noela Mills

Noela loves working with ideas and images based on daily life, landscape, and ancient culture. Found objects and recycled materials are often used as springboards to explore new ideas.

Using the design principals of line and texture, Noela reflects the earthy, simple, honest and noble concepts of wabi sabi (a Japanese term associated with Zen Buddhism) in all of her work.

She allows her tools and materials to express themselves through this philosophy, without the visual distractions of affectation, tricks, techniques and technologies of our fast-paced materialistic world.

Noela’s professional career as an artist and educator spans 50 years. Her solo and collaborative exhibitions, workshops and residencies have taken place in Australia, Japan and China. Her genres include painting on canvas and paper, printmaking, mixed media jewelry, artist books, photography, fiber and graphic design.
She has received awards and grants for many of her artistic pursuits. Noela is represented in private and public collections worldwide.
Noela lives in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast.

Follow Noela on Instagram @noelamills.wabisabiart or visit her website.

Images courtesy of the artist.