Barry Smith

Maleny based sculptor Barry Smith takes salvaged materials and gives them new life

Barry Smith is based in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Maleny. He works with metal, wood and paper. Barry takes salvaged materials and objects and gives them new life. Much of his art reflects themes of peace, stillness, social justice and the environment.

In the artist’s words

Tap, tap, tap has become one of the regular rhythms of my art life since I discovered the malleability and beauty of metal over ten years ago. I cannot estimate the number of leaf forms, vessels and other objects that are the result of my hammers, heat, metal-forming stakes and anvils.

I find that about 95% of the materials in my work have had previous lives. My silver-plate comes from silver-plated trays and objects; my copper from old washing coppers, fire hoods etc.; brass and rusted metal, wherever an interesting piece caught my eye; and timber salvaged from fallen trees or recycling yards.

It was inevitable that I asked myself how my interest in nature, stillness and peace could find expression in my metal work. Soon leaf forms, giving bowls, personal and portable shrines, peace leaves, tiny metal books and small table-top sculptures emerged in my practice.

If I was asked, “did you set out to be a metal worker, a sculpture and a letterpress person”, I would have to say no. I have progressively discovered, reveled in, and allowed these art forms to become part of who I am and what I do. They are part of me – the maker and re-maker.

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LocationDate and Time
Caloundra Regional GalleryFriday 4 February to Sunday 20 March

Store available during open hours.

Images courtesy of the artist. Photos by Megan Gill.


Courtesy of the Artist
Courtesy of the Artist

Courtesy of the Artist

Courtesy of the Artist
Courtesy of the Artist

Courtesy of the Artist