Vince Everett | Kingfisher Timber Creations

Vince is a skilled woodworker based on the Sunshine Coast. He is known for his intricately patterned chopping boards and beautiful jewellery boxes. Vince crafts with a range of quality timbers, largely recycled and reclaimed Australian wood. He even creates innovative ukuleles and wooden clocks, as well as commissions.
Vince prefers to use recycled timber or timber from trees which have fallen or been cut down by local tree loppers. He stores, dries and processes the logs into useable timber sizes to be used in his craft.

Vince first became interested in woodworking after retiring from a career in mechanical engineering. His initial focus was on pendulum-timed, weight-driven, all-timber clocks. Vince was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize in 2018, celebrating his wooden clock design. He has since branched out into further timber pieces, such as jewellery boxes, turned bowls, plates, platters and cutting boards in a range of patterns.

Over the last three years, Vince has been developing the jigs, tools and skills to manufacture a range of ukuleles, in particular a peculiar design of his own called the “Strummer”.

He works from his home workshop and is also a member of the Caloundra Woodworking Club. The club is sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council, the Caloundra RSL, as well as state government bodies.

CWC has approximately 150 members and is gender-inclusive. The president, Jan Cagney, welcomes anyone wishing to work with wood and all skill levels are catered for.

Email for commissions.

Location Date and Time 
Caloundra Regional Gallery  Friday 25 March to Sunday 8 May 2022 

Store available during open hours.

Images courtesy of the artist.